Kenyan Diaspora Homes & Investments Expo (KDH Expo) is an initiative of Kings Pride Properties (www.kingsprideproperties., a subsidiary company of the Telagen Group ( Kings Pride Properties is a leading Real Estate Developer with a wealth of experience in property development in and around Nairobi ranging from middle to the top most.

The company markets and sells these properties both locally and in the Diaspora. Kenyans Diaspora Homes & Investments Expo (KDH Expo) was founded for the chief purpose of linking Kenyans in the Diaspora directly to the real estate industry back home while simultaneously opening up international frontiers to stakeholders in Kenya’s property sector.

The Annual Homes Expo will attract exhibitors both locally and regionally, offering them a unique opportunity to use the strength of their products and brands to reach a large target, and eager audience within the Kenyan Diaspora communities all over the United States.

Before anyone invests in real estate, one requires a lot of information especially when the property is thousands of miles away.

This serves as a major impediment to many Kenyans willing to invest in the property market back home on both commercial and personal levels.

Why? (Central Bank Statistics)

Commentary on Remittances for December 2014

In 2014, remittance inflows to Kenya increased by USD 137 million or (11 percent) to USD 1,428.5 million compared with USD 1,290.6 million in

  1. The 12 month average flow during the same period sustained an upward trend to USD 119.0 million from USD 107.5 million over the same period .In the month of December 2014, remittance inflows increased by 14.2 percent to USD 130.2 million from USD 114.0 million in November


Remittance inflows from all regions remained resilient. Inflows from North America accounted for 47.4 per cent of total inflows and increased by 8.5 percent to USD 677.6 million in 2014 compared with USD 624.4 million in 2013.


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