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First of its kind: Expo in New Jersey,New York City.

With a rapid growth in population of the Kenyans in the diaspora, Kenyans Diaspora and Investments Homes Expo finds the need for all the professionals and stakeholders in various sectors to showcase their products and services to a wide and receptive audience ready to invest back home.

This will be an Annual Homes Expo that will attract both local and regional exhibitors providing them with a platform to get in contact with their target market on a personal level and interact with them showcasing the milestones that they have achieved so far as well as create awareness of their different brands to a large number of investors for a period of four days.

This an Expo that aims to bridge the gap  between those in diaspora to their home country helping them to get access to various exhibitors in Kenya thus getting first-hand information on what is happening  back home. They will as well interact with various stakeholders offering investment opportunities thus no worries of third party interference.

It is a 1st of its kind Investment Expo that goes to New York USA with a perfect avenue for both the exhibitors and those in the Diaspora. We invite all interested sponsors and stakeholders to book for a space to participate in this Hassle Free Investment Expo.