Fly home for free

When you buy a home from Kings Pride

At King’s Pride we want you to experience the value of your investment first hand. When you purchase any of our homes, we will pay for your return ticket to Kenya, so you can view your property. We also cater for transportation to the site and provide a free tour of our ongoing projects.

If you are unable to travel, you may designate another individual, to come and view the property on your behalf.

Buying a home is an important milestone. Let us help you make an informed decision. Let Kings Pride Fly you home!


  1. For every client residing  in the Diaspora who pays at  least 30%  deposit  of the purchase price on a property  on sale by  Kings Pride Properties ; and
  2. The client gives at least a one months notice in advance of the intended travel date; and
  3. The client bears responsibility for their own travel documents; and
  4. The travel date has been confirmed as suitable by Kings Pride Properties which reserves the exclusive right to change the travel date, to designate the airline provider and make travel arrangements;
  5. The client will be eligible for a free air ticket to Kenya.

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