Expo was founded for the chief purpose of linking Kenyans in the Diaspora directly to the real estate industry back home while simultaneously opening up international frontiers to stakeholders in Kenya’s property sector.

Before anyone invests in real estate, one requires a lot of information especially when the property is thousands of miles away. This serves as a major impediment to many Kenyans willing to invest in the property market back home on both commercial and personal levels.

Kenyans Diaspora Homes & Investments Expo will provide the scaffold for Kenyans in the Diaspora to overcome these impediments in the following ways.

  • Bridge the Gap: Kenyans in the Diaspora will have access to various Exhibitors from Kenya thus being able to get first hand information on what is happening in the Kenya.
  • Investment Opportunity: Kenyans in the USA will interact with various stakeholders offering Investment Opportunities back home.
  • Accessibility: Diasporans in US will have direct access to the exhibitors
  • Reduction of Cost: Kenyans in the USA do not have to keep on travelling to and from.
  • Peace of Mind: No worrying about third party interference.
  • Continuity: With an office within the USA, the Kenyans Diaspora Homes Expo will provide a tangible, thus more credible source for easier follow up by investors regarding new products and innovative services available in Kenya. The Expo office will also provide a physical platform for both US and Kenyan Financial institutions to reach the ripe Diaspora market.