The Annual Homes Expo will attract exhibitors both locally and regionally, offering them a unique opportunity to use the strength of their products and brands to reach a large target, and eager audience within the Kenyan Diaspora communities all over the United States.

Kenyans abroad sent home Sh700 million more in February 2014 compared to the same period in 2013. The remittances rose by 8% to Sh9.6 billion ($110.42 million) from Sh8.9 billion ($102.4 million) in February 2013. Inflows remain resilient despite month-on-month slowdown from North America. North America accounts for 48.6% of total inflows from all regions which totalled to $54.6 million (Sh4.7 billion) in February 2014.

As a one-stop-shop, the Expo will be an ideal place for face-to-face networking, initiation of sales and even deal-sealing for exhibitors, with definite great bargains for the attendees.

Estimated projections put the attendance at 300,000 Kenyans living in New Jersey, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Virginia, Connecticut, West Virginia. This is our primary audience.

With an office within the USA, the Kenyans Diaspora Homes Expo will provide a tangible, thus more credible source for easier follow up by investors regarding new products and innovative services available in Kenya. The Expo office will also provide a physical platform for both US and Kenyan Financial institutions to reach the ripe Diaspora market.

Clearly, KDHE will enhance our country’s economy by attracting many more investors, from a market which is already bringing in the largest piece of the Kenyan GDP pie.